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Supplier Entering

Welcome original manufacturer and official distributor to join us.

Why Join in Chipmall?
Around 80 countries customers from all the world

Come to Chipmall to get free and large-scale promotion, more and more purchaser will know your brand and product.

Accurate AI recommendation
Your product will be showed in the same type selection page when Project Engineer search related function and parameter, This will be increased the chances of your product being selected.
High standard management system
When customer purchasing, they are always worried about supplier QC and service, Chipmall provides the best management and service to make customer work safety.
Quality Brand Evaluation
Chipmall sell quality brand and product, passing audit and joining in Chipmall means go in with international brand supplier, it is worthy to be trusted by customer.

High efficient Team
Chipmall has 16 years service experience in this field , everyone is professional in knowledge and service, Chipmall is your best team.

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